We facilitate passion for history
We nurture excitement about creating meaningful stories from rich archival sources
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We foster curiosity
Our research environment incubates the use of wide-ranging archival sources to respond to different kinds of projects
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We pursue excellence
We provide best practice storytelling to clients from diverse industry sectors
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We bring historical expertise
We synthesise our expertise in historical research with client expectations to deliver quality outcomes.
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Stonehouse Research works with clients to create meaningful research questions created to respond to individual needs. No project is too big or too small. We offer heritage research, curation of exhibitions, community and commercial commissions and other interpretation projects. We are agile in our approach to communicating results in a variety of formats.

Our Expertise

Environmental History

We provide specialist skills in environmental history: the study of the interactions between people and place in the past.

Project Development

We work alongside clients to develop briefs about project requirements. Consultation can also include mediating with clients and third parties during or after the delivery of project products.

Archival Research

For conservation plans and other heritage reports; exhibition material; period and background research for film, tv & radio; genealogy; business and personal archives for commissioned histories.


We can communicate our findings in oral recordings, presentations and written communications forms.

Why Stonehouse Research?

At Stonehouse Research, we will work side-by-side with you to respond to your queries, and ensure that the best possible outcomes can be achieved for you individual needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a lost relative, planning new works on a heritage building, rolling out an oral history project or curating an exhibition, Stonehouse Research will help to make the process simple and achievable.


We conduct thorough archival research which we then translate to clear communication. This includes best practice storytelling for clients from diverse industry sectors. Our research regularly exceeds client expectation in quality of work and service delivery.


We foster curiosity to ensure the use of wide-ranging archival sources in the creation of meaningful stories. Our research team is willing to accept challenges and are open to new experiences. Our research environment incubates a teaching and learning culture to ensure client needs are met.


We work to ensure each proposal is a synthesis of our expertise and client expectation. Our approach nurtures excitement about creating notable stories from archival sources. We contribute evidence and analysis for informed decision making. Our work brings evidence from the past to address issues of the present.

What’s your question about the past?

Contact us for a consultation about your requirements.

What Sectors do we Work Across?

Stonehouse Research professionals are trained to research and present history for a range of sectors. We work in government departments, community groups, private firms, and as freelance writers. We research an array of subjects, from community and company histories to heritage histories.

  • Heritage
  • Galleries, libraries, archives and museums
  • Commissioned histories for community and corporates
  • Film and television
  • Any other group needing historical research

We can undertake a variety of research, from oral history interviews to assessing heritage significance. We take pride in matching the publishing format to the needs of the client and can work with reports, community publications, web content and social media curating. 

Do you require historical research?

Please feel free to contact us with questions, queries, requests for advice, quotations, or to chat about how we might help you shape an idea about some historical research that will help you create a new story about the past.