Our Expertise

Whether you are looking for a lost relative, planning new works on a heritage building, rolling out an oral history project or curating an exhibition, Stonehouse Research will help to make the process simple and achievable.

Environmental History

We provide specialist skills in environmental history: the study of the interactions between people and place in the past.

Project Development

We work alongside clients to develop briefs about project requirements. Consultation can also include mediating with clients and third parties during or after the delivery of project products.

Archival Research

For conservation plans and other heritage reports; exhibition material; period and background research for film, tv & radio; genealogy; business and personal archives for commissioned histories.


We can communicate our findings in oral recordings, presentations and written communications forms.

Do you require historical research?

Please feel free to contact us with questions, queries, requests for advice, quotations, or to chat about how we might help you shape an idea about some historical research that will help you create a new story about the past.

Do you require historical research?

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